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Orange Island "The Shape Of Calling"


The debut release from the Massachusetts post-hardcore/emo outfit Orange Island. Orange Island were once a household name in the scene after numerous US tours and releases on Iodine, Triple Crown Records, and Rise Records. While never fitting neatly into a box when it came to genres, Orange Island brought influences from post-hardcore, emo, and punk, while maintaining a unique sound that was well ahead of its time. Shape of Calling is an upbeat album full of sing-along anthems, but the lyrics focus on loss, regret, and struggling with alcoholism in a small depressed suburban mill town. Produced by Michael Poorman of Hot Rod Circuit.

“Sounding like a drop-D tuned Saves the Day or Jawbreaker, this Clinton, MA, quartet fuses gut-quaking East coast post-hardcore rhythms, à la Quicksand, dual guitar interplay and intelligent and earnest lyrics.” - EXCLAIM

Track Listing:
01. When It Was New Years Eve Three Times A Week
02. Always Goodbye
03. The Pledge Of Allegiance
04. Eyes Closed To Motion
05. Making Her (Walk The Plank)
06. Personal Vendetta
07. Crimson And Clover

First Press:  
100 x Orange Cassettes