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"The Cosmic Dread" by Anthony Lucero Weeping Reaper $19.99
Ancient Artifax Book Radio Raheem from $39.99
Anthony Lucero "The Cosmic Dread" Black T-Shirt Weeping Reaper $24.99

Anthony Lucero "The Cosmic Dread" Red T-Shirt Weeping Reaper $24.99

Blind Girls "An Exit Exists" Persistent Vision & Secret Voice from $10.99

Chastity "Balloon" Lagoon Premium T-Shirt Deathwish $29.99
Chastity "Balloon" Pepper Premium T-Shirt Deathwish $29.99
Chastity "Balloon" Red Premium T-Shirt Deathwish $29.99
Chastity "Chastity" Deathwish from $7.99

Chat Pile "Cool World" Flenser from $12.99
Copse "MMXXIV" Church Road from $13.99
Duhkha "A Place You Can't Come Back From" Good Fight $24.99
Giant Walker "Silhouettes" Church Road from $15.99

HUSHMONEY "HUSHMONEY" Sunday Drive from $9.99
Harvestman "Triptych: Part Two" Neurot from $13.99
Hassan I Sabbah "Hand Grenade" Sand T-Shirt Iodine $24.99

Head Wound City "A New Wave Of Violence" Three One G $26.99
Jr. Juggernaut "Another Big Explosion" Quiet Panic Distro $28.99
Leaving Time "I + II" Sunday Drive $24.99

Local H "Whatever Happened To P.J. Soles?" Brutal Panda from $11.99
Money "Money" Sunday Drive from $6.99
Raein "A Collection of Splits and EPs 2004 - 2015" Persistent Vision from $9.99

Raein "Il N'y A Pas De Orchestre" Persistent Vision from $9.99
Sonagi "Devil" Black T-Shirt Secret Voice $24.99
Sonagi “Everything Is Longing” Secret Voice from $3.99

State Faults "Children Of The Moon" Deathwish from $7.99
The Radicals "Ready To Die" Radio Raheem $7.99

Uniform “American Standard” Sacred Bones from $12.99
Wallowing "Planet Loss [Reissue]" Church Road $29.99
Hassan I Sabbah "Untitled" Iodine Sold Out
Respire "Hiraeth" Persistent Vision Sold Out