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Ascend/Descend "Murdock Street"


Boston hardcore earned its brutal reputation through blood, sweat, and more blood long ago, and continues to evolve and thrive. Now, there's a new kid on the block carrying the torch for aggressive, break-your-teeth hardcore punk„Ascend/Descend, the virulent brainchild of vocalist Michelle Dugan. As guitarist Nicholas Wolf (also of Phantom Glue and Lunglust) told Noisey, "A/D started as a studio project for Michelle Dugan to get some hate out; she had lost her home to a fire. It sort of morphed into a band. Sonically, it's an homage to old school hardcore records. The record focus strongly on how it feels to have things taken from you„your home, sense of security, your identity."

Recorded by American Nightmare alum (and Ascend/Descend drummer) Alex Garcia-Rivera at his all-analog studio, Mystic Valley Studios, Murdock Street roars through seven songs at breakneck speed, emphasizing the "punk" aspect of their sound with crusty gallops, dark moments of tension, and Dugan's pained howl. The band is rounded out by bassist Max Holbrook (of Math the Band), and to complete the DIY circle, Dugan handled all the artwork herself. - Noisey

Track Listing:
01. Consequence
02. Manipulator
03. Murdock
04. Rot
05. Trigger Warning
06. Worship Of Wealth
07. Phoenix