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Big Eyes "Almost Famous"

The highly anticipated sophomore full length from Seattle's BIG EYES! With a solidified West Coast lineup, BIG EYES have stepped up their game with a more definitive sound and unified vision. "ALMOST FAMOUS" finds the band drawing even more of a hard rock influence, while maintaining both the pop sensibility and punk edge that you've come to know and love. Taking inspiration from a wide variety of bands ranging from 70's rock and roll staples like Kiss and Blue Oyster Cult, 70's and 80's power pop classics like The Nerves, The Shivvers and The Undertones, and 90's pop punk bands like Scared of Chaka and Mr. T Experience, the trio continue to develop their signature style - tastefully embracing the more glamorous aspects of rock and roll without compromising the attitude and grit.

Track Listing: 
01. Nothing You Could Say
02. Wanted Sometimes
03. Being Unkind
04. Losing Touch
05. Half The Time
06. The Sun Still Shines
07. Ain't Nothing But The Truth
08. Can't Catch A Break
09. A Matter Of Time
10. I Think Of You
11. You Ain't The Only One