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Ancient Heads "It Can't Rain Forever"

Ancient Heads formed in Toronto in 2012 with a simple but ambitious goal: to play straight-edge hardcore that’s as direct as Floorpunch, as ineffably powerful as Chain of Strength, and as timeless and durable as both bands. Three years later, with the release of their debut EP, It Can’t Rain Forever, they’ve pulled it off. Seven real hardcore songs, riffs that won’t make you roll your eyes, mosh parts that deserve to be referred to as such, plainspoken lyrics that attest to the courage of the band’s convictions — you just don’t hear straight-edge records like this anymore. Violent bravado? Disingenuous politics? Adolescent melodrama? Never that. Ancient Heads is a band without insecurity or pretense, and It Can’t Rain Forever is a record that any hardcore kid with integrity and a sense of history will immediately recognize as the real thing.

Track Listing:
01. It Can't Rain Forever
02. I Won't
03. My Own Way
04. The Choice
05. Who I Am
06. Waste of Life
07. Where Were You?