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Deathwish Inc. is an independent record label & distribution company founded by Jacob Bannon and Tre McCarthy in 2000. The label is responsible for many landmark releases that have shaped the world of aggressive music. Deathwish is also one of the most reliable mail orders for all things hardcore, punk, and metal. Offering thousands of quality items from bands and labels from all over the world.

Deathwish Direct is our wholesale distribution arm. Along with Deathwish items, we also distribute labels: 6131, Black Market Activities, Closed Casket Activities, Discos Huelga, Family Drugs, Glory Kid, GTR, Grave Mistake, Harm Reduction, Hydra Head, Life To Live, Melotov, Photobooth, Protagonist Music, Nonbeliever, Painkiller, React!, Six Feet Under, Throatruiner, State of Mind, Twelve Gauge, Youth Attack!, and more.