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Deathwish Inc. is a record label & distribution company founded by Jacob Bannon and Tre McCarthy in 2000. The label is responsible for many landmark releases that have shaped the world of aggressive music. Deathwish is also a premier online store specializing in indie & aggressive music. Offering thousands of quality items from bands, labels, artists, and like minded boutique businesses. 

In addition Deathwish provides exclusive store management, manufacturing, fulfillment, and warehousing services for other independent businesses. Operating exclusive storefronts for: Anybody's Flowers, Armageddon Label, Cave In, Church Road Records, Closed Casket Activities, Come to Grief (band), Convergecult, Daniel P. Carter (artist), Daire Lynch, Downed Star, Dropdead, Dylan Garrett Smith (artist), End Hits, Fajar Allanda, God City Instruments, The Godfathers of Hardcore (film), Grave Pleasures, Harold Oimoen (photographer), Harm Reduction, Juan Machado, Live To Live, Marald Van Haasteren, Marc Nava, The Martin Hives Honey Company, Michael Sieben, Mike Shea, Nick Sayers Photography, Nick Pyle Illustration, Nonbeliever/APMD, Permanent Sleep Press, Protagonist, Radio Raheem, React!, Reid Haithcock (photographer), Safe Inside, Secret Voice, Thomas Hooper (artist), Throat Ruiner, Twelve Gauge, and more.

Deathwish Direct is our wholesale distribution arm. Along with Deathwish items, we also distribute products from many other labels to independent retailers worldwide.

These labels include: 1126 Records, Armageddon Label, Argento, Black Market Activities, Church Road, Closed Casket Activities, Convergecult, Discos Huelga, Downed Star, Family Drugs, Funeral Party, Glory Kid, Good Fight, GTR, Grave Mistake Records, Grave Pleasures, Harm Reduction, Hydra Head, Isolation, Life to Live Records, Malfunction, Melotov, Microspy, Mind Over Matter, Permanent Sleep, Photobooth, Protagonist Music, Nonbeliever, Painkiller, Protagonist Music, Radio Raheem, React!, Reaper Records, Safe Inside Records, Secret Voice, Six Feet Under, Throatruiner, State of Mind Recordings, Twelve Gauge, UXO Records, Vitriol, Youth Attack!, and more.

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