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Frail Body “Artificial Bouquet” Deathwish from $7.99
Modern Life Is War "Tribulation Worksongs" Deathwish from $4.99
Onelinedrawing "Sketchbook" Iodine $29.99

NØ MAN "Glitter and Spit" Iodine from $11.99
Unsufferable "Unsufferable" Iodine $9.99

CHERUBS "Heroin Man" Brutal Panda from $11.99

Heavenly Blue “We Have The Answer” Secret Voice from $7.99

Coaltar of the Deepers & Boris “hello there” Dog Knights Productions $29.99
Gouge Away "Deep Sage" Black T-Shirt Deathwish $24.99

Deadbody "The Requiem" Closed Casket Activities $24.99
CHERUBS "2 Ynfynty" Brutal Panda from $10.99

Gouge Away "Logo" Black Crewneck Deathwish $39.99

NØ MAN "Abstract" Black T-Shirt Iodine $24.99

Don't Sleep "Don't Sleep" End Hits $19.99