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Downstaaiirs "Weeping/Creeping"


Written in a dungeon on a beach somewhere in Santa Cruz, Downstaaiirs' Weeping/Creeping is the band's debut EP originally released on 3/8/13 as a limited 50-tape run on Like Young Records, now seeing new light as a limited edition lathe cut 12" accompanied by another run of tapes with new art. Recorded at The Panda Studios with Sam Pura.

Pressing info:
- 38 limited edition one-sided lathe cut 12"s
- 100 silver cassettes

Lathe cut details:
- These are one-sided 12” stereo lathe cuts made by Little Elephant
- Jackets are 12”x18” fold-overs with album art as a poster on the back
- Each will be hand-numbered

- Side B includes a slowed down version of all tracks, great for sitting back and tripping out.

Track Listing: 
01. Thoughtograph
02. God Damn City
03. Zzaj Keed
04. Wish Ya Had
05. Graveyard Shift
06. So Much $$