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Academy Order "A New Kind of Fear"


Since 2021, Academy Order have been honing their sound through various releases and live incarnations, expertly showcasing elements of death rock, punk, new wave, and even hardcore in a sonic amalgamation that is uniquely their own, while remaining just familiar enough to keep heads nodding. Now they surge forth with a debut LP, unleashing "A New Kind of Fear" to solidify an approach that touches nerves both lyrically and musically via counterpoints of aggression and melody not so commonly coupled in the broad genre of post-punk. The deliciously cold attack of driving guitars and Matthew's demanding vocals weighed against synth lines straight from the 80's dance floor and Norelle's angelic vocal hooks bring the shadowy rhythm of the whole album to halting depths and infectious heights. Though far from derivative, fans of seminal acts such as 45 Grave, Clan of Xymox, and TSOL may find themselves moving just as readily as those who enjoy Danse Society, Bleached Cross, and Chain Cult. 

Tracked & Mixed by Zach Miller (GEL, Sick Shit) at Landmine/Noisewar Studios.
Mastered by Phillip Odom (Code Orange, Portrayal of Guilt, Angel Dust) at Bad Wolf Recordings.

Track Listing:
01. A New Kind of Fear
02. The Devil Spoke
03. World Sent Spinning
04. Death in the Mid-Atlantic
05. Echelons Cave
06. Remember the Night
07. ...You Learn To Sleep
08. Perennial Sun
09. Death in the American South
10. Life in the Fog Bank