As We Draw "Lines Breaking Circles" - Deathwish Inc

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As We Draw "Lines Breaking Circles"

"As We Draw commands pathos well _ preternaturally even _ With a release of this caliber, they can stand as a more introverted Buried Inside or Union of Uranus; Lines Breaking Circles thinks first, but rather than allow its obvious mechanical ability act as middleman, produces a mulled outlook second. We know this is to be felt because its been felt for so long and in so many different ways between the albumÍs writing and our listening to it. If you were conflicted with Lucky Me like I was, then this is undoubtedly its antithesis. Interplay between all of the strings is wisely integrated into the affect of the disc, and itÍs that understatement that keeps momentum strong over other bandsÍ tired impulse to draw obvious lines around their layers. ItÍs my hope that this will be a sleeper hit in the way that Chronoclast was, reminding us that emotion-driven heavy music is vital and not contracted to the whims of a fickle scene." (Hearwax Media)

Track Listing: 
01. Shame
02. Sin Of Addiction
03. Shield
04. Burst Of Colour
05. When Crowds Are Trapped
06. Fault Lines
07. Drowned In Flames
08. Draft
09. Scum Of The Earth