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Academy Order "A New Kind of Fear" Protagonist Sold Out
Academy Order "To Wilt Without Shame" Protagonist $3.00 $7.99

Acid Fast "Rabid Moon" Protagonist Sold Out

Adorno "Year One" Protagonist Sold Out
Amber "Lovesaken" Protagonist $5.00 $8.50
Big Kids "Hoop Dreams" Protagonist Sold Out

Bloodquest "Bloodquest" Protagonist $10.00 $12.99
Bosses "Jokes" Protagonist $7.99

Coping "Nope" Protagonist Sold Out

demmers "Fears and Shadows" Protagonist $8.99
Discomfort "Worst" Protagonist $10.00 $11.00

Drill Sergeant "Vile Ebb" Protagonist $3.00 $7.99
EDICT "EDICT" Protagonist from $6.99
Ether Hawk "Self Titled" Protagonist $3.00 $7.99

Flashlights "I'm Not Alone" Protagonist Sold Out
Flashlights "No Love" Protagonist $5.00 $11.00

Funeral Pile “Evoked In Flames” Protagonist from $9.99 $16.99

Gemm "Spun Out" Protagonist $19.99
Gemm "Spun Out" Black T-Shirt Protagonist $24.99
Gemm "Stars" Tote Protagonist $14.99
Graduation Speech "Arcane Feelings" Protagonist $10.00 $18.99

Great Reversals "Natural Burial" Protagonist Sold Out
Greed Worm “Ritual Onslaught” Protagonist $10.00 $18.99