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The Phantom Carriage "7-Year Epilogue"


Ending a hiatus that followed the release of their second full-length "Falls", Poitiers' THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE returns with the aptly-named "7-Year Epilogue". With an highly-twisted baseline that blends the most intricate tendencies of dissonant black metal and metallic hardcore, the band marks their difference by emphasizing their melodic side, not afraid to inject screamo-inspired chord progressions or powerful vocal hooks next to cascades of drums and bileful screams.

Recorded and mixed at The Apiary by Amaury Sauvé (Plebeian Grandstand, Necrodancer, Death Engine) then mastered by Thibault Chaumont (Birds In Row, Mourir, Igorrr), "7-Year Epilogue" sounds like a band that never stopped improving their formula, pushing their own technical limits to create a bleak, disorienting experience.

Track Listing: 
01. Free At Least
02. Every Second Holds A Life
03. A Tribute To Those Who Stand Still
04. Old Tales, New Thoughts
05. Deeper, Lower
06. The Fate
07. One Last Time