Bière Noire "Pièce Secrète" - Deathwish Inc

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Bière Noire "Pièce Secrète"

BIÈRE NOIRE is the solo project from multi-disciplinary artist Leo Vittoz, known as vocalist for late black metal punks SATAN and illustrator under its Riton La Mort moniker. Written, recorded and mixed by himself then mastered by Michael Lawrence at Bladud Flies! (Current93, Nature and Organisation, Ulver), "Pièce Secrète" marks his full-length debut after a couple of 7"EPs.

"Pièce Secrète" acts as a spyhole on Leo's singular universe and obsessions, merging the experimentations of early neofolk and industrial with french psychedelia and new wave. All of this filtered through the deliberately lo-fi production, delivering an eerie atmosphere as well as a surrealist, out-of-time sonic experience.

Track Listing:
1. Hart Island
2. Portrait De L'Artiste En Pop Star
3. Theme Pour La Franklin House
4. Amok II
5. L'Horrible Verge
6. Invocation De Frères Démons
7. Amour Bestial
8. L'Aigle À Deux Têtes
9. Secrètes Sécrétions Sucrées
10. Die Brücke