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Satan "Toutes Ces Horreurs"


Ten years and a couple hundred shows after their beginnings, Grenoble's SATAN remains one of the most elusive acts of the french underground. With a primitive yet idiosyncratic approach of extreme music, the band is no stranger to varied bills, playing everywhere from punk squats to noisier, artier crowds. Following 2017's "Un Deuil Indien", the band returns with "Toutes Ces Horreurs", their third full-length.

On these twelve tracks, SATAN continues to pursue their path on the fringes of punk and metal, departing more and more from their grindcore roots in favor of their trance-inducing, black metal obsessions. All of this with their now trademark surrealist lyrical style, and played with no other concerns than urgency.

Track Listing: 
01. Confiture Pour Cochons
02. La Guerre Lente
03. Le Sang Du Poète
04. Caveau Familial
05. Faux-Amis
06. Triste Soeur
07. Zone D’Inconfort
08. L’Ennemi Déclaré
09. Peinture Au Plomb
10. Le Sang Des Bêtes
11. Toutes Ces Horreurs
12. Lève-Toi Et Rampe