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Church Road


Wowod "Yarost' I Proshchenie"


Emerging from St. Petersburg’s musical underbelly, WOWOD return with their second album ‘Yarost’ I Proshchenie’ - their first to be released internationally, via Church Road Records.

Since their formation in 2017, the bands foundational sound of post-metal expansion and blackened hardcore wrath has earned them a quiet reverence for those in the know both nationally and worldwide.
On their latest release, the Russian quintet showcase their evolution with a devastatingly fatalistic and vicious refinement of their sonic palette.

Album opener ‘Rekviem’ serves as a tense and fraught introduction to
‘Yarost’ I Proshchenie’ with foreboding electronics crackling uneasily below the surface of the rhythm section, whilst cataclysmic bass and The Angelic Process-esque doomgaze restlessly coexist throughout the songs 11 minute runtime.

In contrast, their propensity for d-beat rage and black metal bile on ‘Zhazhda’, ‘Zov Tysyachi Nozhey’ and the blistering ‘Tanec Yarosti’ offer up an insight into WOWOD’s entirely individual musical paradigm of light and shade. This paradigm becomes increasingly apparent on their longer cuts such as ‘Chornaya Zemlya’, ‘Top’’ and the monolithically tectonic ‘Obrechenie pt. 2’, where shoegaze and doom intertwine with mesmeric results.

Toweringly cerebral in song structure and ambition, yet perniciously thrilling in execution - WOWOD’s latest album feels both comprehensively human in its anxiety and otherworldly in its expansive musicianship.

Track Listing: 
01. Rekviem
02. Tanec Yarosti
03. Proshchenie
04. Zhazhda
05. Chornaya Zemlya
06. Zov Tysyachi Nozhey
07. Top'