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William Edward Thompson "Sleep Test"


William Edward Thompson, known better as Billy to his friends, is a multi-instrumentalist based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He plays in notable acts such as Heavy Mantle, Secret Smoker, and Spiritiste, banging out angular, melodic, emotional hardcore in all three bands. However, on his solo debut, Billy strips down to his acoustic guitar and vocals with minimal backing to bring us all a little closer via a more raw and simple approach. Each song here is a quick window into his thoughts and feelings from day to day, almost like a musical version of a journal or diary where some tracks are fully realized and others more like a snapshot of a moment in time. This translates into an honest journey through a songwriter’s first experience bringing the more vulnerable aspect of solo work into his repertoire, forgoing the rush-hour noise of a full band in favor of the straightforward energy of bedroom jams. With heartfelt melodies and poetic lyrics, he creates a sonic atmosphere that is both authentic and relatable under the moniker of his full name, William Edward Thompson, unveiling the “Sleep Test” LP as a testament to the basics of songwriting as cathartic expression rather than overly polished product.

Track Listing:
01. Sleep Test
02. Ethereal
03. Candles
04. Fall On My Sword
05. My Grip Slips (Steady Hand)
06. Tight Rope
07. Perfect Souvenir
08. Hungry Ghost
09. Eyes Wide Open
10. Theme Song
11. What Remains