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Wet The Rope / Icepield "Split"


On this split album we find California represented in two bands that are deeply connected to the experience of 90's emotional hardcore, while firmly establishing relevancy for the current times. Northern California's Wet The Rope approach their second vinyl release by quieting their angular, off-kilter hardcore just slightly and focusing their work on exploring aging, loss, and death. Their sound is plaintive, urgent, and melodic, bringing to mind acts such as Ignition, Pot Valiant, and Swiz. San Diego's Icepield follow up their cassette EP with tracks that bring to mind their hometown flavor a la Pitchfork and Drive Like Jehu, while a closer listen reveals touches of 80's dark post-punk and alternative rock as well. Their anxious and chaotic melody along with cryptic, introspective lyrics, combine for a driving and ultimately catchy result. Wet The Rope boast ex-members of Amber Inn and Downcast, while Icepield have ex-members of Stickfigurecarousel.

Track Listing:
01. Wet The Rope - Let the Rain Fall Forever
02. Wet The Rope - Appalachian Dusk
03. Wet The Rope - Suffocation
04. Wet The Rope - Alarms are Obsolete
05. Wet The Rope - Bring Us Back
06. Icepield - Truth Decay
07. Icepield - The Glove
08. Icepield - Brutal Holiday
09. Icepield - Please Send Hell
10. Icepield - Open Presence