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Three One G


Various Artists “ Release The Bats: The Birthday Party as Heard Through the Meat Grinder of Three One G”


Spawned from the Cave that set the standard for mischievous, perverse, raucous punk music in the form of Australian band The Birthday Party, Three One G Records has set out to pay tribute with Release the Bats. This album is a compilation of covers by varied acts from Cattle Decapitation to Some Girls to Ssion, each undoubtedly influenced in one way or another by The Birthday Party’s wildly entwined goth-punk-jazz-blues sensibilities. Hidden in Das Oath’s feedback and Rah Bras’ unsettling synth lines lie curious, well-written, dark stories, and it’s fascinating to hear them told through the collective distorted echo of the Three One G family. Featuring artwork by Mark McCoy.

Track Listing:
01. Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower – Pleasure Heads Must Burn
02. Das Oath – Friend Catcher
03. T Cells – Deep In The Woods
04. Cattle Decapitation – Sonny’s Burning
05. Year Future – Blundertown
06. SSion – Nick The Stripper
07. Ex Models – Mutiny In Heaven
08. Les Georges Leningrad – Riddle House
09. Rah Bras – Mr. Clarinet
10. Melt-Banana – Faint Heart
11. The Chinese Stars – The Plague
12. Celebration – King Ink
13. Kill Me Tomorrow – Junkyard
14. Get Hustle – A Dead Song
15. Numbers – Cry
16. Error – Wild World
17. Daughters – Marry Me (Lie Lie)
18. Some Girls – Release The Bats