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Fange "Purge"


Founded in 2013 in Rennes (western France) by Huata's bassist B. Moreau with the will of pushing sludge in its more abrasive, mind-numbing corners, FANGE's debut EP‚ Poisseé revealed a band with an uncommon take of the genre. Re-appropriating the classic Swedish death metal sound with detours to harsh noise, crust or metallic hardcore, the band now fully realize their sound on their first album ‚Purgeé, strengthened by a new line-up that features drummer B. Louvet and vocalist M. Jungbluth (Calvaiire).

With only one guitar throwing out monstrous HM-2 fueled riffs, stomach-kicking yet versatile drum work and bile-gargling, mutilated vocals, Purgeé marks a filthier turn in the bandÍs uncompromising wall of sound. Entirely recorded by KKP (Abjvration, Huata, Ataraxieƒ) and enhanced by ear-piercing layers of noise, these six tracks are an exhausting aural experience. This is ignorant music for the Educated Man. For fans of: irrational feelings of guilt, Tom G. Warrior vocal gimmicks, body negativity.

Track Listing:
01. Cour Martiale
02. Mächefer
03. Roy-Vermine
04. Ätouffoir
05. De Guerre Lasse
06. Girone Della Merda