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Love Sex Machine "Asexual Anger"


Deafening isn't a word strong enough when it comes to describe the sound of Lille, northern France's LOVE SEX MACHINE. Their brutal, low-end-obsessed, modern approach to sludge metal garnered them some instant followers with the release of their 2012 self-titled album. Four years and some line-up changes later, the band returns with ‚Asexual Angeré, which achieves to sound even more crushing and vicious. The core of their sound hasn't changed : gut-punching guitars, irresistible slow and chuggy riffs that create an apocalyptic wall of sound only pierced by hellish shrieks. Still entirely recorded, mixed and mastered by themselves, with exquisite artwork designed by FÀrtifem, ‚Asexual Angeré is an eight-tracks lesson in absolute heaviness. An unrepentantly ugly record, without any other aim than knocking you down to the ground.

Track Listing:
01. Asexual Anger
02. Drone Syndrome
03. Black Mountain
04. Aujeszky
05. Devolution
06. Atrocity
07. Infernal Spiral
08. Silent Duck