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Cowards "Rise To Infamy"


"Parisian quintet, COWARDS, has become an unrelenting force since their inception in 2012, imposing their ruthless blend of metallic hardcore and sludge through several vinyl releases to date, and having crushed live audiences all across Europe. Having only grown stronger with every step of their brutal journey so far, the band will now unload their second album, ‚Rise To Infamyé. These ten tracks stand up as their most cohesive work, brutally combining the heritage of Holy Terror/H8000 inspired-hardcore with devastating sludge and black metal savagery. Carrying a deep, oppressive urban coldness behind their spectacularly crushing wall of sound, the level of aggression spilled on ‚Rise To Infamyé is difficult to endure. Everything has been managed to inflict maximum aural damage; once again recorded by Francis Caste at Sainte Marthe Studio (Arkhon Infaustus, Eibon, Kickback) as with their previous output, the band's monstrous tones sounds colder and more massive than ever. This is nothing but a monument of down-to-earth, unvarnished violence, punishing from start to finish."

Track Listing: 
01. Shame Along Shame
02. Never To Shine
03. Frustration (Is My Girl)
04. Beyond My Hands
05. Birth Of The Sadistic Son
06. Low Esteem
07. Anything But The Highroad
08. Wish For Infamy
09. Bend The Knee
10. So Easy