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Calvaiire "Forceps"

CALVAIIRE is the union of four individuals with no higher ambition than to push their own boundaries into a raw, cathartic sound. Recorded in five days in their hometown of Laval (France) with Amaury Sauv_ (producer/sound engineer for Birds in Row & As We Draw, acts with which the band shares members), their debut full-length "Forceps" displays their personal vision of how aggressive music should sound - bleak, visceral metallic hardcore played with the hunger of starving dogs, while lyrically addressing seclusion, anxiety and forging ahead despite prevailing vacuity. These ten tracks were tracked in a live setting, resulting in a massive, unpolished, and raw recording that accurately mimics the tense and the unpredictable character of "Forceps". From the mood swings of "Fl_trissure" to the heartless assault of the closing track "Meurtri?res", the band demonstrates their will to explore the most abrasive subgenres without losing focus on songwriting, creating an ambitious but coherent piece of work where nothing is left to chance

Track Listing: 
01. Foi Borgne
02. Flétrissure
03. Equarrissage
04. Atra Bilis
05. Aux Porcs
06. Simulacre
07. Suture
08. Via Dolorosa
09. Curatelle
10. Meurtrières