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The Nationale Blue "A Different Kind of Listening"


The Nationale Blue were a 3-piece indie/math rock trio from Connecticut and Boston in the early 2000s. The band was known for their complex and technical performances and they combined elements of punk, indie rock, jazz, and emo. Members later went on to form Guillermo Sexo.

"A Different Kind of Listening" is a 12 song-70 minute journey into the twisted world of an indie rock trio. Step aboard and travel through majestic fields of prog-rock and over cliffs of metal, while jazz/dub poly rhythms pilot the controls, and synthesizers and electronics digitize the voyage, all with the burning intensity of a supernova. Simply epic.

Track Listing:
01. Loop Transversion
02. Silver Alien Pyjamas in II Movements
03. Hope Without Saying
04. Verbal Aproxia
05. Secret Codes
06. Focus in Six
07. Hot Wet Kisses in the Dark
08. Knives and Hearts
09. Where the Hawks Fly
10. Made Up Meanings to Made Up Words
11. Unraveling Secret Codes
12. Your Head is in the Dark, I Can Not Extract You