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New Morality Zine


Spaced "Far Out Hardcore"


SPACED jumped onto the single with one single mission: to play hardcore and have fun. Nearly two years after the start of the band, the mission remains the same. After a slew of releases, including 2022’s album/compilation “Spaced Jams” released on NEW MORALITY ZINE, the band is back with two new sizzling tracks that demonstrate no intention of slowing down. “BOOMERANG” and “CYCLE KILLER” are as anthemic and hard hitting as they are catchy. SPACED takes the classic sound of hardcore and punk and challenges the boundaries with their “far out” approach. The hope is that these two new tracks will add to the band’s explosive live show as they tour the US this Spring quickly followed by the UK and EU this summer.

Track Listing:
01. Boomerang
02. Cycle Killer