Downward "The Brass Tax" - Deathwish Inc

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Downward "The Brass Tax"


Oklahoma’s DOWNWARD is the perfect example of a band who keeps their head down and drives. Not worried about keeping up with sonic trends or online presence, the band has garnered somewhat of a cult following, proving quality music is what people crave most. Since their inception the band have fine tuned their blend of simultaneously airy and heavy music, and their newest effort, “The Brass Tax”, is no exception. However; the 5 tracks that appear on this EP show a matured band taking more risks sonically in song structure and even leaning into near poplike sensibility. “The Brass Tax” is clearly the product of three musicians spending hours together in a living room working on creating timeless music.

Track Listing:
01. Glasshouse
02. Real Green Dollars
03. Ugly Bug
04. Line
05. The Brass Tax