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Blind Idol "The Infinite Mile"


BLIND IDOL’s LP title, “The Infinite Mile”, is telling of what to expect thematically on the band’s debut full length. The album is filled with near gut wrenching lyricism as vocalist Kyle Taylor (Crafter) continues to navigate the bleaker side of personal existence all layered over break neck speed songs pulling from the yesteryear of 2000s style hardcore written and performed by Tyson Luneau. Just when you come up for air, the music continues — “Stranded in the dark, We’re already fucking dead, Pick your poison, It matters not, We’re already fucking gone.”

Track Listing:
01. To Know the Winter
02. Climb the Rope
03. Forlorn Soil
04. Fistful of Flowers
05. Web of Bliss
06. Beat Me Blind
07. Siren Song
08. Seasonal Fires
09. Love Canal
10. Can't Seem to Find