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Excide "LP Promo"


EXCIDE, a band hailing from the Carolina’s, are poised to become a household name. EXCIDE follow up their minimal, yet well received, catalog with what will surely be a fan favorite LP in late 2022. The band spent 2020 continuing their creative process and expanding on the range of sound and style they had begun. In anticipation of that LP, the “LP Promo”, which features two new tracks from the full length, the band offers listeners a mix of the sounds to expect from the record. One listen through these two songs and it is clear that the band has tugged at the strings of their sonic influences and yet woven a sound entirely their own.

CD features art by Tyler Norris (@unfurled.craft) and comes with a CD insert poster.

Track Listing:
01. Uncoil
02. The Portrait,Now Perceived
03. The Portrait,Now Perceived (196degrees remix)