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Ritual Earth "MMXX"


Philadelphia’s Psych-Metal outfit bestow their epic debut album. “MMXX” delivers monolithic riffs in a vast soundscape with pounding heavy grooves and vocal hooks. Emerging from the darkness of a collapsing nebula, Ritual Earth reverberates the electronic radiation of all things Doom, Space, and Psychedelia. Heavy, Slow, Atmospheric and Dark. Seven charged, dystopian transmissions set to the pulse of the dying universe to come.

Ritual Earth formed in 2018 when Philadelphia cult sludge veterans, Chimpgrinder, found themselves in need of a new vocalist capable of aiding the band with their journey into new musical exploration and refining their sound. The band quickly connected with former hardcore vocalist George Chamberlin (Autumn, Aim of Conrad), who’s vocal range allowed the band slow to a more expansive and layered sound. The pairing resulted in a new band that merged the riff-rock stylings of Heavy Psychedelia, the slow tempos of Doom Metal, and the atmospheric elements of Shoegaze. The band later added keyboardist Mark Boyce (Boss Hogg, Delta 72) who included synthesizers and electronic elements to the music.

Throughout 2019, Ritual Earth began playing shows along the East Coast and released a three-song demo, that received positive reviews and acclaim from listeners and critics due to their unique sound and crossover appeal. The band gained a following in the Philadelphia area while sharing the stage with bands like High Reeper, Age of Truth, Green Meteor, and Thunderbird Divine to name a few.

By September 2020, the band finished writing and recording their debut full length while working with engineer David Downhan and Gradwell. The album quickly grabbed the attention of several labels, and the band began working with Iodine Recordings, who Chamberlin had previously worked with while in Aim of Conrad. Iodine Recordings is excited to present Ritual Earth’s debut album “MMXX”.

Track Listing:
01. Solar Ecstasy
02. Escape Velocity
03. Reprisal / Nebulas Diabolos
04. Free From My Vessel
05. I Am Dreadnaught
06. Ascension Dimension

First Pressing:
100 x Nebulas (Gold/White Merge) - Band Exclusive
150 x Solar Ecstacy (Black in White w/ Splatter) - Iodine/DW Exclusive
250 x Supernova (Gold w/ Black & Gold Splatter)