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Big Kids "Hoop Dreams"


We are very happy to announce the debut LP from Oakland's BIG KIDS. This record is be 9 tracks that capture the bliss of playing music with your good friends, touring in a shitty van, playing killer house shows, and seeing life through the prism of punk rock. Melodies and dirt, sing-alongs and feedback, relationships and ideas...all are represented here. If you dig Small Brown Bike, Bear Vs. Shark, or New Bruises, this band is going to be your next fave. Comes with a digital download too!

Track Listing:Β 
01. Parents Are Still a Handful
02. Let's Make More Plans
03. Our Team
04. Remember the Silver Lion
05. Slam Dunkin' the Living Room
06. 1994! Rules, Duh
07. Get Motion!
08. 3,000 Hi-Fives