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Trap Them "Blissfucker"

You make it ugly and bitter, or you don't make it at all. The music is there for one reason: to annihilate. There is no room for humor, for novelty, for number painting. There is no room for peace. They make it ugly and bitter, or they won't make it at all. This is the code that Trap Them lives by. There is only one thing you can do about it:


Trap Them didn't form in 2002. They simply cracked the hostile cocoon into something more than an idea. It became a living breathing monster, deadset on distortion. Founding members Brian Izzi and Ryan McKenney gave themselves no guidelines, no pre-conceived delusions of takeover, no aspirations of success. They wanted to create music and they wanted it to damage. They wanted to make to make it ugly and bitter.

The initial recording was a 5 song, 5 minute demo, released on a 3" CD with a photocopied cover. 100 were made. Out of those 100, half of them were sent to labels that, more than likely, turned them into frisbees before the songs had the chance to be heard. That, kids, is what may commonly be referred to as a "bad call".

A decade and six critically acclaimed releases (three EPs and three LPs) later, Trap Them have never strayed from the path they chose to walk. The music went from heavy to heavier, from dark to darker. Feral. Between every release, weeks and months were spent spreading the black gospel of distortion around the globe. They got in the van and called it home, continuously gaining attention and respect from their peers, touring alongside such varied acts as Converge, Napalm Death, Every Time I Die, Rotten Sound, Disfear, Toxic Holocaust and many, many more. They didn't blink twice before finishing a European tour, flying home, landing at midnight at Logan International Airport in Boston and then starting a straight, fifty plus hour drive to California the next morning at 8am to begin a tour with grind legends Extreme Noise Terror. Nothing mattered. They got in the van and they went. There was ugly and bitter music to play.

Now, in 2014, upon the release of their latest full length , Blissfucker, their second release for Prosthetic Records, Trap Them has once again established themselves as not so much a band, but an entity. Recorded in the final months of 2013 at Godcity Studios with long time producer (the unspoken fifth member) Kurt Ballou, the lineup was rounded out by new additions Brad Fickeisen on drums and Galen Baudhuin on bass. The session, three years in the making, resulted in what will widely be considered their opus, forty five plus minutes of an unrestrained, unmedicated, unapologetic display of depression, desperation and blasphemy.

There may be many questions about Trap Them, but there are only two answers. There is none more ugly and, most certainly, none more bitter

01. Salted Crypts
02. Habitland
03. Gift and Gift Unsteady
04. Lungrunners
05. Organic Infernal
06. Sanitations
07. Bad Nones
08. Former Lining Wide the Walls
09. Savage Climbers
10. Ramsom Risen
11. Let Fall Each and Every Sedition Symptom