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Trap Them "Seance Prime"

Note: This title has been discontinued and is now replaced by:
Trap Them "Seance Prime: The Complete Recordings" 12"LP/Digital (DW102).

Trap Them are a brutal metal/hardcore band formed by Ryan McKenney (ex-Backstabbers Inc.) and Brian Izzi (ex-December Wolves). In early 2007, Trap Them released two records on Rhode Island's Trash Art! label. First was their crushing "Self Titled" 7"EP. Bringing to mind influences Entombed, Nasum, and even Black Flag, the release was a devastating 3 song wake up call to the aggressive music community. Just two months later, Trap Them released "Sleepwell Deconstructor", their debut full length.ย 

"Seance Prime" was recorded by Kurt Ballou (Converge) at God City Studios. The EPย is a tornado of D-Beat hooks, frantic bursts of speed, and earth shaking dirges. Erasing the line between metal and punk with every twist and turn.

First Press:
300 - Purple / White inside/outside
700 - Green

Second Press:
1000 - Transparent Purple w/ Black Splatter