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Twelve Gauge


Power "Bremerton Zoo"


Bremerton's finest are back at it with their debut LP 'Bremerton Zoo' following up on their previously self-released 7"EP and more recently 'Death Haunts' 7”EP on Twelve Gauge. This time around, things are getting serious. Power's new LP is eleven tracks featuring the band's signature hard-hitting hardcore sound, and a cover of Black Sabbath's Sweet Leaf (who would've guessed?). This record keeps up with the tradition record of being fast-paced, pissed off and loud giving the listener no chance to lose focus. Bremerton Zoo was recorded by Rusty Graeff during the months of July and August in Tacoma, WA and mastered by Chris Matthews Jr. at Joonior Studios.

Track Listing: 
01. Bremerton Zoo
02. Buried Me
03. Eight Eyes
04. In-stride
05. Thinking Evil
06. Rotten Apple
07. Razors/Knives
08. Power
09. Animal II
10. When It's Time
11. Sweet Leaf