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Palecoal "Fake Fates"

Palecoal is the solo moniker of french multi-instrumentist Alan Billi, known for his guitar-heavy songwriting in The Rodeo Idiot Engine and Orbel. "Fake Fates" shows the basque musician at his most stripped-down, layering vibrant vocals over eerie yet luminous soundscapes and electronic beats.

Written and completed during the first half of 2020, this record brings new tools to Alan's musical and visual vocabulary, teaching himself the rudiments of home production as well as oil painting for the needs of the project, and relying to the help of respectively Johannes Buff (Dalek, Thurston Moore Group) and Rafael Anton Irisarri (Grouper, Eluvium, Telefon Tel Aviv) for mixing and mastering duties. Merging droning guitars and ethereal synth layers to create immersive tracks, Palecoal explores a sense of spleen and bleakness in a way that couldn't be more intimate.

Track Listing: 
01. Fake Fates
02. Conditioned Selfishness
03. While (true)
04. Isolate