No Longer At Ease "No Longer At Ease" - Deathwish Inc

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No Longer At Ease "No Longer At Ease"


No Longer at Ease is the self-titled, debut EP from the North Carolina hardcore band. Coming from multiple local hardcore bands like Substance, Fading Signal and Soul to Keep, the band sought to do something that was sonically different with No Longer at Ease. Influenced by late ‘90s–early '00s bands like Bane, Verse, Have Heart and Turning Point, No Longer at Ease’s EP is filled with passion, anger, skepticism and sometimes optimism. On the beginning tracks like ‘One and the Same’ and 'For What’s to Come’, vocalist, Tyler Crawford strives for a better future while reflecting on the past, however the EP ends with a powerful title track, where the last words are "Like dying trees, we lose our leaves, and our minds will be no longer at ease”. There is a mix of emotions occurring on this EP that creates this overwhelming feeling that No Longer at Ease is able to perfectly capture with melodic hardcore and passionate lyrics.

Track Listing:
01. One and the Same
02. For What's to Come
03. What Will It Take
04. No Longer at Ease