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Sunday Drive


All Under Heaven + Leaving Time + Glare "Split"

  • While there has been no shortage of modern-age, shoegaze-inspired alternative-rock, All Under Heaven, Leaving Time and Glare have seemed to differentiate themselves in a heavy-wave. Spanning from New Jersey to Florida and Texas, each band adds their own spin on the sound. On this three-way split, All Under Heaven leads with a jangly guitar, with Defabritus’ distinctive, lingering vocals on ‘Show You My Pain’, which slowly flows into ‘Head Down’. Leaving Time bring a punch of heaviness in the middle of the split, with their ringing guitar leads and post-hardcore inspired sound. Finally, on ‘Sunny’, Glare sound as bright as ever, with a careful blend of Smashing Pumpkins and Lush inspired swirling guitars and vocals. This first 3-way split on Sunday Drive Records captures the current sound of shoegaze/alternative-rock in 2022—All Under Heaven, Leaving Time and Glare continue to evolve in this space and build interest of what’s next.

    Track Listing:
    01. Show You My Pain
    02. Head Down
    03. Sunny