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Nathan Gray "Working Title"

Deluxe Version Includes:
2XLP - Baby Pink / White & Baby Blue / Milky Clear
"Working Title" Full Album
“Little Eden Sessions” + a DVD  Documentary called “Lost And Found” 

Standard LP Includes:
"Working Title" Full Album

CD+DVD Includes:
"Working Title" Full Album
“Little Eden Sessions” + a DVD Documentary called “Lost And Found”

On his second solo album Working Title, Boysetsfire frontman Nathan Gray seeks to release himself from the burdens of his past, and repurpose them into a source of shared experience and empathy. With its focus on compassion, support, and growth, the album finds the Maryland-based songwriter significantly expanding his sound with a full band to incorporate punk urgency, power pop hooks, and folk intimacy—resulting in his most dynamic and uplifting work to date.

Track Listing: 
Working Title
01. In My Defense
02. I'm A Lot
03. Working Title
04. What About You
05. Refrain
06. Still Here
07. The Markings
08. Hold
09. Mercy
10. No Way
11. Never Alone
12. The Fall
13. Down

Little Eden Sessions
01. In My Defense
02. I'm A Lot
03. Working Title
04. Still Here
05. Hold
06. No Way
07. Never Alone
08. Down

DVD - Lost And Found
The Making Of "Working Title"