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I Am Pentagon "Příčetnost"


Don’t be misled by their band name being lifted from a song by punk-soul royalty The Make-Up; Prague’s I Am Pentagon created their sound in homage to the legacy of urgent and impassioned hardcore. Featuring current and ex-members of crucial Czech bands Balaclava, Protijed, The Airbags, Kovadlina, and Hanba, I Am Pentagon may be a new band but their personal reputations are well established in the Slavic hardcore scene. 

Czech audiences are likely to hear sonic nods local luminaries Kritická Situace, but you don’t need to be familiar with Prague’s punk scene from the late ‘80s / early ‘90s to appreciate I Am Pentagon’s blend of chunky mid-tempo riffs, melodic dual guitar interplay, call-to-arms choruses, and anxious energy. Think of the gruff hooks of Revolution Summer bands fused with the spirit of the Ebullition roster and the tightly-rendered power ‘90s straight edge hardcore and you’ll have a close approximation of the band’s passionate punk anthems. 

Whether you’re hurling your body across the dance floor to the chugging rhythm of the title track, shouting along to the chorus of “Nesíla” (better brush up on your Czech lessons, Westerner!) or flailing wildly to the energized riffage of “Bylo nebylo,” the heartfelt hardcore of I Am Pentagon’s Příčetnostis a guaranteed adrenaline booster.

Track Listing:
01. Příčetnost
02. Nesíla
03. Bylo nebylo
04. Igelitka
05. Unaveni sluncem
06. Teď, anebo nikdy
07. Zapomněl jsem
08. Lehká
09. Lampy ve větru
10. 265
11. ∞