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Greed Worm “Ritual Onslaught”


At the violent intersection of tech noir and old-school metalcore is where we find Greed Worm, a Chicago-based quintet in the business of serving dark, mean-spirited riffs for the disenfranchised since 2021. With "Ritual Onslaught" they've fused outright ignorant doses of musical dissonance and noise with lyrics condemning the artificial constructs that create and perpetuate human suffering. This approach conjures an almost mechanized brutality across the album that sees fit to reflect, and in turn, destroy, our collective societal malaise. Featuring guest contributions from Mike Lundin of Sarin, Karly Soto of Snuffed, and Nick Ayala of Break the Cycle, this is Greed Worm's most anticipated and mature release yet.

Track Listing:
01. Pirate Signal
02. Chaos Theory
03. Hand Over Your Flesh
04. Ritual Onslaught
05. Machine Learning (ft. Nick Ayala)
06. Crypto Fascist Arcology
07. Holographic Prison (ft. Karly Soto)
08. Broadcast Diaspora
09. Reap & Devour (ft. Mike Lundin)
10. Survive The City