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Geronimo "Obsolete"


Shunning journalism or the typical sales pitch, the conception, intentions & processes of Geronimo (Anthony Francoso, W. T. Nelson & Moises Ruiz) remain generally vague. Instead its sonic blasts shriek for themselves. Still, Nelson explains that “the misanthropic sound itself is designed to question the shameful/shit-assed gilded-age state of affairs: idea being if you bang your head against the wall long enough, you start to see things as they are.” Comprised of members from Man Is The Bastard, Bastard Noise, Sleestak, Noise Information & Slowrider, these lifelong musicians & experimentalists craft a sound of uncompromising, raw, minimalist power that just might begin to turn this deeply flawed society on its head to expose its rotten underbelly.

Originally conceptualized as a two-piece between Nelson (Electronics/Voice) & Ruiz (Percussion) but later adding Francoso (Bass/Voice), the listening experience of the band’s often 15-plus-minute-long, austere-patterned, minimalist soundscapes have a meditative quality about them, both brutal & beautiful at once, expanding organically via mechanical repetition. Obsolete lurches forward with an acoustic lull that somehow seamlessly transforms into an industrial amalgam, punctuated by the wailing chorus of unearthly electronics. The experience of the album is an ayahuasca trip through a robotic wasteland. Summoning an angry hidden power, the LP feels like a call to arms for the inhuman inhabitants of earth, speaking as much when in the midst of one of its winding percussive digressions as when vocals are present.

Track Listing:
01. Quanah Parker
02. IDLT
03. Obsolete