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Funeral Pile “Evoked In Flames”


A formidable German quartet comprised of Annike, Martin, Matthias, and Ralf, Funeral Pile was born in January of 2020 from the ashes of previous bands. Their wide variety of musical influences inspired them to create a sound of their own, combining elements of black metal, death metal, and thrash. With atmospheric touches and epic song structures, this debut album is an entire metal experience in itself, providing listeners little mercy on their journey into the flames!

Track Listing:
01. Evoked in Flames
02. Funeral Pile
03. Food for the Flies
04. Dead End Red Sand *
05. King Cockroach vs. The Lizard Queen
06. Nameless City
07. Dead Horse Trail
08. Klondike (The White Silence)
09. Like the Ocean's Tide

* CD / Digital Bonus Track