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Daggers “Neon Noir Erotica”


After six years of silence, Belgium's DAGGERS return with "Neon Noir Erotica", their long-crafted third full-length. A period of time where band members have remained busy with their other projects (Cocaine Piss, Necrodancer, Deathmaze, The K…), before entering the studio during winter 2019 with engineer Laurent Eyen.

Mastered by Cult Of Luna's Magnus Lindberg, "Neon Noir Erotica" not only expands the approach initiated on 2014's "It's Not Jazz, It's Blues", but also explores more emotional territories without losing an inch of the band's trademark grittiness. With gloom-driven guitars, unrelenting punk drumming and gravel-ish yet soulful vocals, these twelve tracks are the evidence of an unpredictable band, avoiding hardcore / punk and noise rock commonplaces to create a desolate world of their own.

Track Listing:
01. Back Alley Sacrament
02. Cultural Blight
03. Wild Blue Yonder
04. Loather
05. Nerveweb
06. Pipe Dog
07. Widow Maker
08. Dreadnaught
09. Racer
10. Obscurantist
11. Harvester
12. Eschewal