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There Were Wires "There Were Wires"


The debut release from Boston's There Were Wires. Feasting from the same table as bands like Deadguy, Unbroken, and You & I. Combining hair-pin stops, harsh vocals and unpredictable melodies, the Wires create a dense collection of abrasive anthems for both the recently and potentially traumatized. Includes a bonus live set from WERS. Featuring ex-members of Disappearer and Doomriders.

Track Listing:
"01. Lukewarm Happy
02. Prepare For Collapse
03. Instinctually Dumb
04. The Physics Of Air Hockey
05. Stop Motion Aesthetics
06. Fat With Glasses
07. Commotion Strange
08. The Hours
09. Bigger And Better Things
10. Untitled (Live)
11. Lukewarm Happy (Live)
12. Cru Jones (Live)
13. The Hours (Live)
14. It WillBe Better Than The Rest Of Your Life (Live)
15. The Physics Of Air Hockey (Live)"