Bleached Cross / The True Faith "Columns of Impenetrable Light" - Deathwish Inc

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Bleached Cross / The True Faith "Columns of Impenetrable Light"


"Columns of Impenetrable Light" is the cold new split between oppressive post-punk/darkwave outfit Bleached Cross (Protagonist Music) and post-punk stalwarts The True Faith (A La Carte Records). After working together on the co-release of the Bleached Cross B-Side and demo compilation "Exhumed," which featured a remix by The True Faith, both bands and labels have converged to deliver a sonic exploration of two sides of the same coin- ruminations on life and death, hope and despair, presented across 8 new propulsive and brooding tracks featuring two unique vinyl colorways on reverse stock jackets adorned with foil stamped lettering. The record also features art design by Coward's Way for a complete audio and visual experience. This is music for contemplating the void between the earthly realm and the infinite blackness that awaits us after our last breath. This is Columns of Impenetrable Light: step inside and see what lies beyond.

Track Listing:
01. Bleached Cross "Grief's Eternal Wound"
02. Bleached Cross "Rain of Tears"
03. Bleached Cross "Litany"
04. Bleached Cross "The Weeping"
05. The True Faith "What If (I Could Tell You)"
06. The True Faith "The Means (ft. Dutch Experts)"
07. The True Faith "Life Awaits Us"
08. The True Faith "What Is Owed"