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Armageddon Label


Morne "Asylum"

Finally available on vinyl domestically, a double LP release housed in a gatefold heavyweight Stoughton old school tip-on sleeve. BostonÍs Morne was formed in 2005 by Polish ex-pat Milosz Gassan, formerly of Filth of Mankind and a legend of sorts in PolandÍs underground crust punk movement. After releasing a demo and split release with Warprayer, the group unleashed their 2009 debut full-length Untold Wait to widespread critical acclaim. Among those singing the albumÍs praises were Fenriz and Nocturno Culto of Darkthrone, who even incorporated MorneÍs logo on the cover of their 2010 album Circle the Wagons. Their reputation is also bolstered by the presence of guitarist Jeff Hayward (formerly of Grief, Disrupt and more). MorneÍs brand of apocalyptic post-sludge / crust incorporates influences from genre pioneers Neurosis and Isis as well as traditional heavy metal, doom metal, prog and even the classic post-punk / new wave of Joy Division or early Cure. This epic sound, cinematic in scope and unrelentingly heavy, is on full display on their newest release, Asylum. The album is a grandiose journey through monolithic intensity and earth-crumbling ambient moments that climaxes with the gut-wrenching ñVolition,î featuring Jarboe (Swans) and Kris Force (Amber Asylum). Alternately haunting and crushing, Asylum is destined to because a triumph in the realm of post-metal. With the release of their brilliant sophomore full-length Asylum, the bandÍs even more deserving of [DarkthroneÍs] namedrop: This seven-song, hour-plus collection features their most beautifully heavy, deeply atmospheric, patiently devastating recordings to dateƒ. Asylum is a magisterial record, one that establishes something masterful with the 17-minute opening title track and doesn't diminish.

Track Listing: 
01. Asylum 
02. Edge of the Sky 
03. Nothing to Remain 
04. I Will See You 
05. Killing Fields 
06. My Return 
07. Volition