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Blistered "The Poison Of Self Confinement"


Picking up the torch of Florida's unique brand of metallic hardcore, Blistered have raged to the forefront of today's scene with incredible fervor. Their songs simultaneously feel unearthed from some '90s time capsule and surprisingly current, perfectly capturing a balance of influences and innovations.

Following their critically acclaimed Soul Erosion EP (April 2014 on 6131 Records) and extensive touring, Blistered began plotting what would become their first proper full length. Entitled The Poison of Self Confinement and masterfully recorded by Kevin Bernsten (Red Death, Noisem, Pulling Teeth, Mindset), the album demonstrates an even more honed songwriting prowess. The result is an album that lives up to the band's moniker, delivering break-neck metal-infused riffage matched with pummeling breakdowns. Blistered have created a vital release that defies easy classification, appealing to both sides of the metal / hardcore sounds from which they draw.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Path of the Coward
02. Caustic Promise
03. The Poison of Self Confinement
04. Illusion of Destiny
05. Lash
06. Lust for Vengeance
07. Kingdom of Traitors
08. Memories to Burn
09. Into the Dying Light
10. Death at Heaven's Doorstep