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Arts "Graveside Summoning: Flaming Dagger"

After completing nine years of occult study and seclusion, ARTS has manifested "Graveside Summoning," containing four malevolent spells that seal the listener in a labyrinth of insanity. These compositions unleash a full-frontal assault of venomous vocals with riffs encircled in sepulchral fog to swallow you in a black abyss. .:AA:. returns from the shadows to stake his claim as the magus of aural chants, while .:MM:. conjures symphonic angels to poison your mind with confusion and doubt so that you may never rest again. In the dark years since the release of their monumental album, "Vault of Heaven," ARTS has maintained their throttling style while developing a heightened sense of enchantment that has been painstakingly crafted within their furtive denomination to achieve maximum poisonous effect.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Daemonomie
02. Cursed Keys of Malefica
03. Graveside Summoning
04. The Abbess