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Youth Attack


The Repos "Poser"


With a legacy spanning 14 years, THE REPOS reign as living legends at the forefront of contemporary Hardcore. Their first two albums are undisputed sought-after classics. Following years of incredible tape and EP releases, they finally usher forth their most accomplished work yet: Poser. Sounding more unhinged than ever, guitarist Joe Phillips shines while cult frontman Aaron Aspinwall delivers his best and most visual lyrics to date. Poser has an unrelenting ferocity that paints a gritty vision of life on the outskirts that few dare tread. THE REPOS are the embodiment of all that YOUTH ATTACK represents: outstanding, pure, uncompromising Hardcore.

Aaron- Vocals
Andrew- Bass
Craig- Drums
Joe- Guitar

Track Listing:
01. Bleach Bath
02. Still Ain't High
03. Everyone Was Upset Except You
04. Poser
05. You Should Act Good To Me
06. Traffic
07. Clubbed With Boards
08. Gift-wrapped Pistol
09. Lost Path
10. Motel Caledonia
11. No Plans
12. You'll Be Impressed
13. Wild Bore
14. Try Harder
15. Full Departure
16. Always Nothing