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The Repos "Hearts And Heads Explode"

With a looser, more free-form indifference to their playing, their second full-length charges on with an even crazier fist-in-the-face Midwestern rage and takes their influences to greater heights with a faster and more monstrous delivery, exemplified in Aaron Aspinwall's insane vocals atop Joe Philips' guitar tornado. Despite the fact that the majority of this material was written and recorded on the spot in the studio, its schizo urgency has gone on to be regarded as one of the finest U.S. hardcore albums of the 2000s.

Originally released in 2006 and out of print until now, this deluxe reissue features newly-remastered audio by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios. Pressed on 180gm black vinyl, this LP comes housed in an embossed, spot-gloss slipcase with a slightly-updated jacket design and a euro sleeve displaying art sourced from original materials, including an unseen live photo of the band playing a Dekalb, Illinois basement show in 2005.

Track Listing: 
01. Crooked Finger 
02. No Luck, No Dice 
03. Half A Hole
04. Bored And High
05. Wizards Walk By
06. More Kicks Than Pricks
07. Goodbye City 
08. Casket Case
09. Riot Rains
10. Ripped And Glued
11. Fun To Stay
12. Prison Moon
13. Keep On Keepin' On
14. Ogden Ave.
15. Hobbled Grace
16. Hearts And Heads Explode
17. Totenstille