Taylor Bow "Thin Air" - Deathwish Inc

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Youth Attack


Taylor Bow "Thin Air"

Urbane shrieks, wilting shadows, and crumbling panoramas. 15 song LP by this enigmatical NYC nosedive. Second edition on clear vinyl, sheathed in extra heavy 28 pt. "old style" tip-on jackets and resealable glass-surface poly bags.

Track Listing: 
01. Without A Moment Of Ease
02. Hours Passed
03. Walk Forward
04. Woke At Midnight
05. No Surprise
06. Before The Sun
07. White Was The Window
08. Massive City Rotting
09. Pure Now
10. Face And Features Full
11. Worse Things Happened
12. Night Was Coming
13. Watch You Perform
14. Rocks And Coal And Iron
15. Morning After Love