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The Record Play "Second Year"


Second Year is the debut LP from Joseph Lacy's project, The Record Play. Consisting of 9 tracks, the album is a very cohesive collection of songs about the past 2 years of Lacy's life. In addition to the beautiful acoustic sound, the tracks also include layers of poppy drums, and washed-out electric guitar melodies. With Lacy's voice being very distinct and catchy from previous acts such as Transit and The Weeds, he surely delivers these 9 tracks at his best. This is a perfect release for the summer, and for listeners who enjoy Owen, The Early November, and Turnover.

Track Listing:
01. Get Well
02. Falling Up
03. Interlude
04. Wander
05. Goodnight Moon
06. Wonder
07. Looking Glass
08. Careful Noise
09. When You're Alone